BX SWISS AG EQS-News: Investment company RealUnit Schweiz AG starts trading in the SME Main Market of BX Swiss

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29/11/2021 06:45

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Investment company RealUnit Schweiz AG starts trading in the SME Main Market of BX Swiss

29.11.2021 / 06:45

Today, the shares of investment company RealUnit Schweiz AG are traded for the first time on BX Swiss.

As of today, November 29th, 2021, the shares of RealUnit Schweiz AG are traded on BX Swiss (ISIN: CH1129911108 / Valoren-Nr.: 112991110 / Ticker: REALU). With the Direct Listing of RealUnit Schweiz AG, a total of 18,148,880 bearer shares with a par value of CHF 1.00 each will be listed.

The central investment principles of the investment company founded in 2017 are capital protection and the long-term conservation of the real purchasing power of its shareholders. Swiss investments and the direct ownership of tangible assets are a focus of the investment activities of RealUnit Schweiz AG. The structure of the investment company and the composition of the asset classes, which has been optimised over the past decades, pursue the goal of being able to react flexibly in the event of a crisis and thereby ensure the best possible conservation of the value of the entrusted assets.

"Depositors are the big losers in the current inflation environment. All people should have the opportunity to simply conserve the value of their hard-earned money! We pursue the goal of protecting the assets entrusted to us from crises and loss of purchasing power in the long term. This appeals not only to depositors and private investors, but also to entrepreneurs or SMEs who today receive no interest or even have to pay negative interest on their accounts," comments Dani Stüssi, CEO of RealUnit Schweiz AG. "I am pleased that with the listing on BX Swiss, all Swiss-based private individuals and companies now have easy access to our broadly diversified and actively managed real assets."

"We are proud to welcome RealUnit Schweiz AG, another investment company to BX Swiss," emphasized Lucas Bruggeman, CEO of BX Swiss AG. 'A company that invests broadly diversified in real assets, such as precious metals and holdings in companies with strong balance sheets and sustainable earnings."

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