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22/01/2024 14:45

Enhanced Gaming and Potential Revenue Opportunities through Metapro's Advanced Tech License

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / January 22, 2024 / ESE Entertainment Inc. (TSXV:ESE)(OTCQX:ENTEF) ("ESE" or the "Company"), a gaming company that provides a range of services to leading video game developers and publishers, is pleased to announce the acquisition of advanced blockchain gaming technology through a licensing agreement with Metapro, a developer of blockchain and Web3 gaming solutions. The license will enable ESE to integrate these technologies into its gaming platforms, marking a significant advancement in its technology strategy.

Metapro's Technology: Core Elements of the Licensing Agreement

Metapro's technology suite, central to this agreement, includes:

  • Blockchain Data API: A solution enabling games to interact with blockchain data, enhancing gameplay with real-time blockchain features.
  • Unity SDK for Web3 Integration: A toolkit that facilitates the incorporation of Web3 elements into gaming experiences.
  • Digital Wallet Integration: A system for integrating digital wallets into games, supporting secure in-game transactions and digital asset management.
  • Smart Game Asset Development: Tools for creating smart game assets that interact with blockchain technology, adding innovation to gameplay.
  • Dynamic Game Features: Solutions for building engaging game features such as leaderboards and challenges.

Application of Licensed Technology by ESE: Potential and Forward-Looking Initiatives

ESE's acquisition of Metapro's blockchain gaming technology holds the potential to enhance its gaming offerings and business model. ESE envisions several key applications of this technology:

  1. Development of an Enhanced SDK for Game Developers:
    1. ESE plans to utilize Metapro's Unity SDK and Blockchain Data API to develop an Enhanced Software Development Kit. The toolkit will enable game developers within ESE's network to seamlessly integrate blockchain features into their games, such as real-time blockchain interactions, secure digital asset transactions, and innovative gameplay elements.
  2. The potential integration of digital wallet technologies and smart game asset creation tools is expected to offer developers new ways to engage players and create unique gaming experiences.
  3. Innovative Gaming Experiences and Player Engagement:
    1. ESE aspires to leverage Metapro's tools to create dynamic game features like leaderboards and challenges, potentially enhancing player competition and involvement.
  4. The integration of these technologies could lead to the development of cross-platform play and asset portability, offering players a more connected and versatile gaming experience.
  5. Exploring New Revenue Streams in Gaming:
    1. The potential for integrating blockchain technology opens the door to exploring innovative monetization strategies. This could include the development of new in-game economies, digital asset trading, and enhanced player-to-player interactions. While these plans hold promise, their successful implementation and impact on revenue are subject to various factors, including market acceptance, technological challenges, and alignment with current gaming trends.
  6. Strategic Positioning in the Blockchain Gaming Sector:
    1. By integrating Metapro's technology, ESE is aiming to position itself at the forefront of the blockchain gaming sector. This move could enable ESE to capitalize on the growing interest in blockchain and Web3 technologies within the gaming industry.
  7. The planned applications are intended to not only enhance ESE's technological capabilities but also align with the Company's long-term vision for growth and innovation in the gaming space.

Michal Bartczak, CEO of Metapro, commented "Metapro is pleased to collaborate with ESE Entertainment in this exciting venture. Our advanced blockchain gaming technology, which ESE has licensed, represents a significant step forward in the gaming industry. This collaboration is not just about providing technology; it's about fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in gaming. We believe that our tools and platforms have the potential to transform the gaming experience, and we are thrilled to see how ESE will potentially apply them to create new, engaging gaming experiences. Our commitment at Metapro is to continue developing cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our partners and their end-users."

Konrad Wasiela, CEO of ESE, commented "Metapro's existing collaboration with over 100 video game developers presents a strategic opportunity for ESE to cross-sell and integrate its services and technologies. This licensing agreement is a strategic move for ESE in integrating advanced blockchain technologies into our gaming platforms. Crypto and blockchain technology is booming, with the recent approval of asset-class ETFs and the largest institutions like BlackRock investing in it. Out timing is excellent to double down with Metapro. We anticipate that this agreement will contribute to our business growth and diversify our revenue streams."

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About Metapro

Metapro is an all-in-one solution for gamers, developers, and creators, who wish to get into the NFT space, metaverse, gaming and esport using an opensource protocol based on Web3 decentralized database nodes secured by smart contracts. Our mobile app serves as a non-custodial wallet for tokens, gaming NFTs, and metaverse assets. Explore the dynamic marketplace, enabling seamless integration of 3D objects with NFT tokens. It serves as a one stop platform for presenting gaming and metaverse projects, equipped with a state-of-the-art web interface. | https://metapro.one/

About ESE Entertainment Inc.

ESE is a global technology company focused on gaming. The Company provides a range of services to leading video game developers, publishers, and brands by providing technology, infrastructure, and fan engagement services internationally. ESE also operates its own ecommerce channels, esports teams, and gaming leagues. | www.esegaming.com


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