SEIF SPA (EPA:ALSEI) SEIF: Loft Produzioni and Mompracem sign an agreement to develop news and historical-political documentaries

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25/01/2023 13:45


SEIF: Loft Produzioni and Mompracem sign an agreement to develop news and historical-political documentaries

Rome, 24th January 2023

Loft Produzioni S.r.l., a subsidiary of SEIF, and Mompracem announce they have signed a cooperation agreement to develop projects in the field of news and historical-political documentaries.

Mompracem is the production company and factory operating in the film and television industry whose members include the Manetti bros, Carlo Macchitella, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio and the German company Beta Film.

Loft Produzioni is SEIF's subsidiary active in video productions that stand out both for an innovative narrative and visual approach and for leading journalistic expertise.

The two companies aim to combine their own excellences to produce specific projects in the field of quality documentaries that can meet the growing needs of broadcaster and on-demand platforms.

We firmly believe – stated David Perluigi, Executive Director of Loft Produzioni – in developing excellence video productions and also thanks to this agreement we want to further strengthen our market position. Our peculiarity is to be able to combine the high professional skills in the field of in-depth journalism with the capacity of innovation that the video format requires to meet new needs of the audience.”

Luigi Calicchia - Sole Director of Loft Produzioni – stated: “The agreement with Mompracem is the first major sign of development of our business through industrial partnerships with companies already operating in the sector, with whom build a more and more attractive offer for the domestic and international markets.”

Carlo Macchitella added: “Mompracem, strong of its expertise in the cinema and fiction industry, has recently successfully entered the path of “thinking about” and producing documentaries that recall culture and history of this country as well as that adventure into the intriguing world of current affairs, mirroring its inconsistencies and singularities. In this context, the partnership with Loft Produzioni tends to combine our editorial and production skills with a company of the highest profile in the field of in-depth journalism and always in careful tune with the demands of the market and the audience.”

Loft Produzioni s.r.l. is a television production company, wholly owned by SEIF.

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