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Directive transparence : information réglementée

25/05/2022 20:05
https://mb.cision.com/Public/18595/3574689/ad4f2cec12df22a2_800x800ar.png ** Transparency notification FMR LLC ------------------------------------------------------------ Brussels (Belgium), 25 May 2022 =E2=80=93 20:05 (CEST) =E2=80=93 Regulated = information=C2=A0 1.=C2=A0 Summary of the notification Pursuant to Article 14 of the law of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of large = shareholdings, UCB SA/NV announces that it received a transparency notifica= tion from FMR LLC. (having its registered office at The Corporation Trust C= enter, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, 19801, = U.S.A.) on 24 May 2022.=C2=A0 FMR LLC., notified that, following a disposal of UCB shares with voting rig= hts by its affiliates, its shareholding in UCB SA/NV decreased and crossed = downwards the 5% threshold, on 19 May 2022. On 19 May 2022, FMR LLC. (taking into account the holding of its affiliates= ) owned 9 698 900 UCB shares with voting rights, representing 4.99% of the = total number of shares issued by the company (194 505 658), versus 5.02 % (= 9 763 725 UCB shares) in the previous notification also dated 24 May 2022. 2.=C2=A0 Content of the notification =C2=B7 Reason for the notification: Acquisition or disposal of voting secur= ities or voting rights.=C2=A0 =C2=B7 Notification by: A parent undertaking or a controlling person. =C2=B7 Persons subject to the notification requirement:=C2=A0 =C2=A0https://mb.cision.com/Public/18595/3574689/bb6973e08f144175_800x800ar= .png =C2=B7 Date on which the threshold is crossed: 19 May 2022.=C2=A0 =C2=B7 Threshold crossed (in %): 5%. =C2=B7 Denominator: 194 505 658. =C2=B7 Notified details: =C2=A0https://mb.cision.com/Public/18595/3574689/ad2f2dc39188180c_800x800ar= .png =C2=A0 =C2=B7 Chain of controlled undertakings through which the holding is effect= ively held: =C2=A0https://mb.cision.com/Public/18595/3574689/88d3d864e4d271ba_800x800ar= .png =C2=B7 Additional information: The holdings attributed to the entities ment= ioned in heading 10 arise from holdings of various undertakings for collect= ive investment that are managed by FIAM LLC, Fidelity Institutional Asset M= anagement Trust Company, Fidelity Management & Research Company LLC, Fideli= ty Management Trust Company, FMR Investment Management (UK) Limited and Str= ategic Advisers LLC each of which are entities that are subsidiaries of and= controlled by FMR LLC. The entities mentioned in heading 10 are the discre= tionary investment managers and exercise the voting rights at their discret= ion in the absence of specific instructions. 3.=C2=A0 Further information This press release and the detailed transparency notification are available= on UCB SA/NV=E2=80=99s website via the following link (https://www.ucb.com= /investors/UCB-shareholders/Transparency-notifications) . An updated overview of the UCB SA/NV large shareholdings will be available = on UCB SA/NV=E2=80=99s website via the following link (https://www.ucb.com/= investors/UCB-shareholders) . For further information, contact UCB:=C2=A0 Investor Relations Antje Witte=C2=A0 T +32 2 559 94 14 antje.witte@ucb.com Corporate Communications Laurent Schots=C2=A0 T+32 2 559 92 64 laurent.schots@ucb.com =C2=A0=C2=A0 =C2=A0 About UCB UCB, Brussels, Belgium (www.ucb.com) is a global biopharmaceutical company = focused on the discovery and development of innovative medicines and soluti= ons to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases of the imm= une system or of the central nervous system. With approximately 8 600 peopl= e in nearly 40 countries, the company generated revenue of =E2=82=AC 5.8 bi= llion in 2021. UCB is listed on Euronext Brussels (symbol: UCB). Follow us = on Twitter: @UCB_news =C2=A0 GenericFile 220525-2 - CdP Notification de transparence FMR LLC (https://mb.cision.com/= Public/18595/3574689/9d6a99a9c0ec09dd.pdf) GenericFile 220525-2 - PR Transparency notification FMR LLC (https://mb.cision.com/Publ= ic/18595/3574689/92c03f449af5cf2e.pdf) GenericFile 220525-2 - PB Transparantieverklaring FMR LLC (https://mb.cision.com/Public= /18595/3574689/9bb7d587cedb5469.pdf) Image Chart 1 bis May 25 2022 (https://mb.cision.com/Public/18595/3574689/bb6973e= 08f144175_org.png) Image Chart 2 bis May 25 2022 (https://mb.cision.com/Public/18595/3574689/ad2f2dc= 39188180c_org.png) Image Chart 3 bis May 25 2022 (https://mb.cision.com/Public/18595/3574689/88d3d86= 4e4d271ba_org.png) ______________________ If you would rather not receive future communications from UCB SA, please g= o to https://eu.vocuspr.com/OptOut.aspx?2973226x20421x106565x1x6868579x2400= 0x6&Email=3Dregnews%40symexglobal.com. UCB SA, All=C3=A9e de la Recherche, 60 ., Brussels, . B - 1070 Belgium

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