ALSO HOLDING AG EQS-News: Cloud gaming - Tiekom relies on gaming platform by ALSO

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01/03/2021 17:16

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Cloud gaming - Tiekom relies on gaming platform by ALSO

01.03.2021 / 17:16

Emmen, Switzerland, 1. March 2021

Cloud gaming
Tiekom relies on gaming platform by ALSO


- Spanish Tiekom uses cloud gaming technology to provide interactive entertainment to subscribers

- Video games can be accessed from any device with an internet connection without downloads and in real time

Tiekom, provider of communication and content services, has signed an agreement with LudiumLab, ALSO's technology partner and expert in the development of technologies for interactive streaming services, and another partner regarding the first integrated cloud gaming service for Tiekom users in Spain. It gives Tiekom customers access to the latest trends in the world of video games and interactive entertainment, with a portfolio of more than 100 video games in the cloud.

Jan Bogdanovich, SVP Consumptional Business at ALSO, explains: "Cloud gaming has been on our radar for years as one of the most interesting and fastest-growing markets. There are already more than 200 million users around the world enjoying various video game services in the cloud. The cloud gaming industry is currently estimated at $1 billion and is expected to reach $8 billion by 2025. The increased demand for entertainment options over the past year has given the industry a further boost."

Juan José Martín, CEO of Ludium Lab, adds: "According to experts, cloud gaming will fundamentally change the consumption of video games as we know it today. At Ludium Lab, we have been developing our own interactive streaming technology for more than eight years, which has given us a high level of knowledge about this model and our own gaming platform in the cloud. We are excited to be able to provide the best technology on the market for Tiekom's cloud gaming offering."

The cloud gaming service, which is now available to all of the operator's customers, has an initial 45-day free trial period with a reduced catalogue of 40 video games. From then on, for €9.90 per month, users will have access to the full catalogue and can play in real time from any device with an internet connection. Everything runs completely in the cloud, eliminating the entry barrier of having to rely on a console or computer. Integration into the digital device with which the customer is already familiar makes interactive entertainment even more accessible.

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Ludium Lab is a Barcelona-based technology company that emerged in 2012 from a spin-off of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, where a group of researchers began to develop a new cloud streaming technology. The team has been working for more than a decade to improve interactive streaming and to realize it with the highest quality and at low cost. Ludium Lab provides services to other companies (B2B) and has its own cloud gaming platform "Sora Stream". ALSO has been Ludium Lab's technology partner since 2019. For more information, visit: https://ludiumlab.com/

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