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19/05/2016 14:35
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Issue of Debt

Released 14:35 19-May-2016


19 May 2016

Placing of guaranteed non-dilutive cash-settled convertible bonds due 2023

BP p.l.c. ("BP") through its subsidiary BP Capital Markets p.l.c. ("BP Capital"), has successfully placed £400 million of new debt financing through a structure combining the issue of guaranteed non-dilutive cash-settled convertible bonds (the "Bonds") with the purchase of cash-settled call options to hedge the economic exposure to the potential exercise of the conversion rights under the Bonds. As conversion rights in respect of the Bonds will be cash-settled by reference to the share price of ordinary shares in BP (the "Ordinary Shares"), the issue and conversion of the Bonds will not result in the issuance of any new shares of BP or any other group company.

Concurrently with the issuance of the Bonds, an affiliate of BP Capital will purchase cash-settled call options on the Ordinary Shares to hedge the exposure to pay cash amounts under the Bonds upon any exercise of conversion rights.

BP Capital intends to use the net proceeds of the offering of the Bonds for general corporate purposes and for the purchase of the cash-settled call options.

The Bonds will be issued by BP Capital at par and unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed by BP and will have a seven-year maturity. The coupon has been fixed at 1.00% payable semi-annually in arrear. The initial conversion price will be 20% above the share reference price, which will be determined as the arithmetic average of the daily volume-weighted average prices of an Ordinary Share on the London Stock Exchange over a period of seven consecutive scheduled trading days, starting on 20 May 2016. The share reference price and the initial conversion price will be announced by BP Capital on or around 31 May 2016.

Settlement and closing is scheduled to take place on 24 May 2016.

It is anticipated that the hedging counterparties to the cash-settled call options or their affiliates will enter into transactions to hedge their respective positions under the call options, including transactions to be conducted during the reference period for the determination of the share reference price.

BP intends to apply for the Bonds to be admitted to trading on a recognised stock exchange (as such term is defined in section 1005 of the Income Tax Act 2007) prior to the first interest payment date.

Further information:

BP Investor Relations +44 (0)207 496 4632


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