VAPORBRANDS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (NASDAQ:VAPR) E-Cite Motors COO Gene Langmesser Interviewed on Market Mover TV - Provides Candid Updates on Production of New EVs

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19/09/2023 14:22

BOTHELL, WA / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2023 / VaporBrands International, Inc. dba E-Cite Motors Group, (OTC PINK:VAPR) announced that its' COO Gene Langmesser was featured in an interview on Market Mover TV with Mark Schaftlein.

The interview can be viewed in its entirety at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9RwPSeMFRs&t=4s

The interview gives up to date progress reports regarding the vehicles that E-Cite is building and provides specific details regarding them.

Alo included are E-Cites "American Made" commitment and the reasoning behind having GM manufacture some of its key safety components.

Host Mark Schaftlein highlights the incredible team behind E-Cite and delves into how those relationships came to fruition.

Gene Langmesser E-Cite COO stated: "Looking back to the last time we were on Market Mover, there has been tremendous progress and numerous milestones accomplished. We are very ecited to be able to have our vehicles on the road and are appreciative of all of the support we have received."

In a separate Market Mover interview, E-Cites CEO Barry Henthorn spoke about the companies financings and revealed some rather significant news which will be released shortly.

E-Cite was the first company to get any vehicle approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) under the Low Volume Manufacturers Act of which is has three distinctly different vehicles approved. This allows E-Cite to produce its own VINs for production of new vehicles. In addition, E-Cite was the first to receive a World Manufactures Identifier (WMI) under the Act registering it as a manufacture for the sale of vehicles worldwide.

As this is the first time in history that a manufacture has reached the point of applying for certification from CARB under the Act, and there was no process in place to do so, E-Cite is working closely with CARB while they defined the process, paving the way for future vehicles to go through the certification process.

Note* E-Cite's vehicles are in no way categorized as "Kit Cars" as they are manufactured new vehicles.

About VaporBrands International, dba E-Cite Motors
www.ecitemotors.com (OTC PINK:VAPR) is a publicly traded company based in Bothell that is developing for manufacturing, state of the art electric vehicles utilizing the latest in technologies with a flare of some of the iconic autos of the past. VAPR acquired 100% ownership in E-Cite Motors, Acclaimed Automotive www.acclaimedauto.com, and N2A Motors www.n2amotors.com a California-based custom auto manufacturer and car factory specializing in designing, engineering and building prototype, concept, and limited production vehicles for OEMs, corporations, movies, and private owners. N2A was led by legendary designer Gene Langmesser who now serves as the COO of the combined operations.

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